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I am Julie Hodge The Family Lawyer. I am passionate about educating people about separation and divorce so that they may play a positive and active role in their family law settlement and build a new future for themselves and their families.

I practise out of sunny Cairns, Far North Queensland and represent clients in all family law issues including children’s & parenting issues, child protection matters, de facto and matrimonial property settlements, spousal maintenance, divorce and domestic violence matters. I represent people like you at all stages of family law matters including settlement negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, collaborative law processes and Court matters. I can assist by providing advice, drafting settlement documents, representing you at mediation or Court events or acting as your lawyer through the entire process.

I am a collaborative law trained professional. My expertise has been recognised in the Doyles Guide to the Australian Legal Profession in which I have been voted a leading North Queensland Family & Divorce Lawyer in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

I have been assisting Australian families to resolve their separation and divorce issues since being admitted as a lawyer in 2007. Over that time I have become concerned that people experiencing separation and divorce not only lack important information about the legal process but also the emotional, practical and financial issues they may face.

My desire to ensure holistic information is available to people facing separation and divorce drove me to write my first book “Moving On – What you need to know about Separation & Divorce” due to be released in late September 2018.

I also seek to educate and empower members of the public experiencing separation and divorce as the family law guest speaker for M-Powered Women Cairns and through volunteer and pro-bono family lawyer work in the community.

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  • Julie Hodge The Family Lawyer
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