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Once you separate, family law is suddenly very relevant to you. What is family law? What legal issues does it cover? How does it apply to you?

There are many things you cannot control in separation or divorce. The quality of the information you receive at the initial stages and how you prepare yourself for the legal process are two important factors within your control. These factors can have a major impact not only on the outcome, but how the process affects you, your family and your relationship with your former partner.

Knowledge is key. Start to build your knowledge base so that you can successfully navigate this chapter in your life. A new future is ahead of you.

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This diagram is a visual representation of a settlement pathway for a family law case that is resolved by consent/agreement. Basically, this is how you should try to resolve your family law issues – amicably (where possible), without the need to commence Court proceedings, utilising an appropriate settlement method and formalising that agreement according to law.

Click here to obtain your complimentary copy of my Family Law Case Settlement Pathway diagram”